River Tubing

One of the most thrilling things to do if you live in or are visiting Austin is to gather a big group of your friends, travel down to Canyon Lake, and go tubing down the Guadalupe River. But you're looking at an hour and a half drive via I-35 South if you're coming from the downtown area, which means three hours total for the round trip! Even the Comal River is two hours there and back... If only there was a way to put those hours towards partying instead of drive time.

What if I told you that there was a safe and affordable way to use that travel time for partying and socializing, and even drinking, without having to worry about a designated driver? If you plan your transportation right and hire a party bus, you can do just that. Blackhorn Buses are your best bet, providing you with both professional drivers and high class service.

Later we'll talk about booking your trip with Blackhorn Buses, but first let's talk about what you'll need to know for your tubing adventure, what companies you can rent your tube from, and what all your options are.


Tubing in the Austin area means you'll be free-floating down the river, soaking up all the natural wonder of our beautiful Texas surroundings. You'll use your hands to paddle through the water, possibly using webbed gloves to help you steer faster and more accurately. Some tubes have covers, meaning that the bottom is covered with canvas. Some covers are better than others, outfitted with pockets, holders for your drinks, and handles to hold on to. Some prefer the simpler old fashioned inner tubes with none of the bells and whistles. It's simply a matter of taste and it all depends on who you rent your tubes from, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Tubing is fun, but there are some tips to keep in mind for safety and to ensure a good time. One of the most important things is never to tie anything to your tube. Ropes can easily become wrapped around you, and as you can imagine, in those strong river currents, that can spell disaster.

Smart tubers make sure to wear a life vest, water shoes (or at least a pair of sneakers), and even helmets. Life jackets are available from the tube rental companies, all you have to do is ask. If you bring your dog, be sure to buy him or her a special canine life jacket before your trip.

Sunscreen and sunglasses (preferably attached to you so you don't lose them!) are essential. A cooler with water and food is smart--you will get hungry and thirsty on those long trips! Bringing any Styrofoam or glass items with you is often against the law. Don't bring keys, cell phones, or jewelry. Those items will sink and you'll never see the again. You can often leave your keys and cell phone at the tube rental facility. Be smart and safe while tubing and you'll have a much better time.


The Guadalupe River is the most popular tubing spot, and on weekends--particularly holiday weekends-- there are often so many people floating down the river that you can't even see the water! If you love crowds and excitement, that's a fine time for you to go. If you are looking for a more secluded and private river tubing trip, you might want to schedule it during less in-demand times.

As you know, there are many tube rental companies lining the roads in that area. These are a few that are well-known and recommended in case you want to plan who to rent from in advance, and the ones on this list allow you take both the horseshoe (short trip) and the chute (long trip). Prices are valid at the time of this writing, but you may want to call to confirm.

Rox Tubes

$12 per tube

12159 FM 306, Canyon Lake TX 78133 - Ph. 830-964-5444

Shanty Tube Rentals

Tubes $14-16 depending on the trip

12120 FM 306, Canyon Lake TX 78133 - Ph. 830-964-3990


River Sports Tubes

$14 per tube

2673 FM 306, Canyon Lake TX 78133 - Ph. 830-964-2450


Andy's River Tubes

Tubes $15

12020 FM 306, Canyon Lake TX 78133 - Ph. 830-907-3009


White Water Sports

$15 per tube

FM 306 The Guadalupe River, New Braunfels TX 78130 - Ph. 830-964-3800


If you're more of the spontaneous type, you can always just book one of our buses, have them get off at the I-35 South exit to Canyon Lake, and take a right. Down that road about fifteen minutes there will be many places to rent your tubes from, so you can just look around and take your pick.


Looking for a shorter river trip with smaller crowds? The Comal River is the shortest river in the world at just under 3 miles in length. It's featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for that fact. While the Guadalupe River is known as the party river, Comal River is known as the family river. Due to that fact, there are some additional restrictions, such as:

  • No containers smaller than 5oz.
  • One cooler permitted per person, no larger than 16qts.
  • Coolers must be lockable via latch, zipper, Velcro, or cord.
  • No audio devices that can be heard from 50 feet away.
  • Police are on the premises checking IDs and enforcing drug laws.

You can rent your tubes from these great companies on the Comal River:

Texas Tubes

Tubes $11 or $14 with bottom

250 Meusebach, New Braunfels TX 78130 - Ph. 830-626-9900


Corner Tubes

Tubes $10 or $12 with bottom

120 South Liberty Avenue, New Braunfels TX 78130 - Ph. 830-626-6687


If you're more of the spontaneous type, you can always just book one of our buses, have them get off at the I-35 South exit to Canyon Lake, and take a right. Down that road about fifteen minutes there will be many places to rent your tubes from, so you can just look around and take your pick.


Why should you book your trip with Blackhorn Buses? There are a million reasons why a party bus beats the usual car trip, but the top reasons by far are safety and fun! You can enjoy the alcohol that you bring on board without worrying about someone being a designated driver, and you can party for the full 3 hour round trip rather than being stuck in a cramped car. How many friends can you pack into your car? We can fit 26 in each bus. You'll be the envy of everyone on the highway as you roll by in style, in your choice of either the Original Blackhorn or the Black Widow Bus.

Our buses have these noteworthy features:

  • Professional driver to ensure a smooth and safe ride
  • Custom limo seating
  • Extensive range of LED lighting
  • Fog machine
  • LED stripper pole
  • CD/iPod/MP3 pro sound system and the most up to date music selection
  • Touch screen head unit
  • Speed rails
  • Plus a restroom and flat screen TV in the Original Blackhorn only

We rent our buses by the hour just like a limousine, and our rates vary depending on date, time, and location. There are no age restrictions on the bus unless you bring alcohol on board, in which case everyone must be at least age 21 and provide valid photo identification. We do not provide alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own. Absolutely no tobacco products are allowed on the bus.

To begin the booking process, just give us a call at 512-922-0969 or email us at sales@blackhornbuses.com. We'll start by confirming that the date you request is available, and then you'll put down a $100 deposit to claim that date as your own. That deposit will be credited toward your overall bill, and the rest of the balance must be paid one week before the date of your trip. We accept payment via cash, check, or any major credit card.

Thanks for choosing Blackhorn Buses! We look forward to booking your Austin river tubing trip.

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