When you want to have a memorable evening exploring the nightlife in Austin Texas, Blackhorn Buses makes that possible. You can gather as many as 26 friends and leave the transportation to us. Our downtown area offers so many themed bars and nightclubs, you'd have a difficult time choosing just one. That's exactly why hiring a chauffeured Blackhorn Bus is the perfect solution. You can club hop all night long and never have to worry about choosing a designated driver, nor will you have to struggle to find a parking spot! At Blackhorn Buses, we provide our customers and passengers with a safe, fun, and unique experience.

For your night on the town in Austin, there are so many well-known locations that you will want to visit. Our city is of course known for its live music, so you'll want to find out who's playing at the bars and catch some jazz, indie, blues, or your particular favorite genre. There are many excellent small venues in town where you can catch locals like Shawn Colvin, Terri Hendrix, and so many more. Here are a few places that you might want to include when planning your night on the town with Blackhorn Buses...


In our capacity as Austin's personal chauffeurs we have come to be very aware of which bars and clubs are crowd favorites. Of course in the end the establishment you feel most at home at will ultimately be completely up to you and your tastes. Here we will list some of the more popular establishments we frequently find ourselves taking clients to, we have mixed it up in the hopes that every demographic will see a place that will appeal to them:

Fado Irish Pub

Fado Irish Pub, affectionately known to its loyal crowd as just Fado's, is a local favorite. It's pronounced f'doe, and it's an Irish expression meaning "long ago," which makes perfect sense here since this bar recalls the rich history of Ireland's pub culture. They keep it authentic Sunday through Thursday with Irish bands, and then they bring in the DJ on Fridays and Saturdays to spin your favorite hits from the 80's and 90's. If you're there on a Monday you can jump into a Texas Hold 'em Tournament, and if it happens to be a Wednesday you can show off those Trivia skills. If you're looking for a cozy spot to unwind or to break the ice at the beginning of your party bus trip around Austin, Fado's is an excellent choice.

214 West 4th Street, Austin TX 78701 - Ph. 512-457-0172

The Elephant Room

The Elephant Room has been voted Best Jazz Bar in the city many times over, and adding to its prestige, it was also named one of the top ten jazz venues in the United States by Wynton Marsalis. Beyond the incredible music, The Elephant Room is also known for its comfortable atmosphere and loyal crowd. You won't be limited to local performers here, because this club is so well-known that it often features nationwide touring acts. For live entertainment in our downtown area, this is one place that you can't afford to miss.

315 Congress Avenue, Austin TX 78701 - Ph. 512-473-2279

Louie's 106

If you enjoy an upscale atmosphere where you can enjoy a meal followed by drinks and dancing, Louie's 106 is a bar and restaurant that has been pleasing patrons since 1986. In the restaurant they blend world-class flavors for the ultimate taste of Spanish and European cuisine, and in the bar they combine a well-stocked selection of single-malt whiskeys and brandies with the type of atmosphere that someone with classic tastes can really appreciate. Located in the historic Littlefield Building.

106 East 6th Street, Austin TX 78701 - Ph. 512-476-1997 or 512-476-1998

Lucky Lounge

If you want to party like the locals do, then you'll need to include The Lucky Lounge on your list of bars not to miss. This is one of Austin's most popular neighborhood bars. The 60's modern furnishings will take you back in time while still keeping it cool in the present. Frequented by the everyday crowd as well as music and film industry people, you'll enjoy people watching and you might even get lucky! Pun intended! The nightlife scene in Austin would simply not be complete without this classic bar!

209A West 5th Street, Austin TX 78701 - Ph. 512-479-7700

Coyote Ugly

Coyote Ugly has come to Austin, and if you've seen the movie or the reality television show, you know that the female bartenders not only pour fantastic drinks, but you'll also be treated to their sizzling performances. These hot mamas jump up on the bar and sing and dance to an ever-changing array of your favorite songs. Drink specials every night of the week plus a chance to buy souvenirs and merchandise. Hitting Coyote Ugly at some point during your night out will definitely make for some unforgettable memories.

501A East 6th Street (corner of Neches Street), Austin TX 78701 - Ph. 512-236-UGLY

Pete's Dueling Piano Bar

Do you have a crew of outgoing friends who would love to sing along with the Piano Man, ala Billy Joel's unforgettable 1973 hit? Pete's Dueling Piano Bar will be an exciting stop for you, because you are the entertainment! As it says on their website, Pete's is a "sing-along, clap-along, drink-along, have-one-helluva-good-time-along bar!" The crowd, happy after a drink or two, sings along with some of the best piano players in Austin. If you love to be a part of a boistrous crowd, come join this one and sing along with the greats like Elton John and The Beatles, rock essentials like Bon Jovi and AC/DC, plus all the new hits that you love. Everything from Elvis to Eminem. This is a can't-miss stop when booking your night on the town with Blackhorn Buses.

421 East 6th Street, Austin TX 78701 - Ph. 512-472-PETE

The Ginger Man

Lovers of specialty beers from around the world will want to brush up on their knowledge of the finest ales at The Ginger Man Pub. This Austin pub is one of three in Texas that are anchored by the original location in Houston. Their selection of Belgian ales and lambics is unparalleled, and you can enjoy German and British beers as well as beer made fresh at a microbrewery within the pub. You can enjoy your drinks in the outdoor beer garden or in the comfortable indoor seating area. No beer lover can visit Austin without sampling these brews.

301 Lavaca Street, Austin TX 78701 - Ph. 512-473-8801


Want to hit a good gay bar during your trip through Austin's nightlife options? Charlie's is our town's oldest, and it's been pleasing a crowd of regulars since 1985. Dark and cozy inside, the crowd here is racially diverse and generally a little older when it comes to age, so it's a little bit of a change from the college bars that you may be used to. You'll enjoy the partial open-air bar in the back and the open patio for chatting and enjoying drinks. On Fridays they offer $1.50 well and domestic beer all day and night, male dancers from 6 to close, and free tacos at midnight. And don't forget that laser light show.

1301 Lavaca Street, Austin TX 78701 - Ph. 512-474-6481

Red Fez

Definitely one of the most eclectic and trendy spots, and also the last on our list, Red Fez blends the style of a hookah bar with a typical Warehouse Disrict club. Celebs have been known to visit this nightspot in addition to the loyal local crowd. In the special smoking area you can rent a hookah and enjoy several different flavors of tobacco, or heed the DJ and get your body moving on the dancefloor, heralding their reputation as one of the most popular dance clubs in Austin.

209 B West 5th Street, Austin TX 78701 - Ph. 512-478-5120


Are you ready to book your night on the Blackhorn Party Bus? You can take your pick from The Original Blackhorn or The Blackwidow Bus, depending on your style and your needs. Both are equipped with perimeter seating so you can socialize in comfort, LED lights and a fog machine for atmosphere, an LED stripper pole in case you want to add some naughty fun to your night, a stereo with CD player and MP3/iPod connection so you can enjoy the music of your choice, a touchscreen head unit, speed rails, and of course a professional driver. The Original Blackhorn also has a flat screen television and a restroom.

When traveling around Austin hitting all the hot nightspots, you want to ensure that you have reliable and affordable transportation. Our buses operate similar to a limousine, and we rent by the hour. Rates vary depending on dates, times, and locations. There are no are restrictions on the bus unless alcohol is present, in which case everyone on the bus must be 21 years of age or older and have valid photo identification. You may bring alcoholic beverages on board, but Blackhorn Party Bus will not provide any alcoholic beverages and is not responsible for any alcohol on the bus. Absolutely no tobacco products may be used on the bus.

To book your transportation via Blackhorn Buses, please call us at 512-922-0969 or email us at, Once you confirm availability for the dates you request, you may either pay the balance in full or put down a $100.00 deposit to hold the date. That deposit will be credited toward your overall bill, and the entire balance must be paid in full one week before the event. You may pay with cash, check, or any major credit card. Thank you for choosing Blackhorn Buses! We look forward to hearing from you.

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